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Monday, October 13, 2008

This drunk story makes it too easy

Chinese ping-pong player Wang Hao got into a fight with a security guard after urinating outside a karaoke club. I give you a minute to come up with out all the possible titles including Wang and peeing. Not only does the story provide many great titles he also provided a great quote, "I do not need excuses. I am the famous Wang Hao! I am the world champion! Does it matter if I beat you?". Only hours later did the self proclaimed greatest in the world go down in a tounament.

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Anonymous said...

The guy in the picture is not Wang Hao, he is (another) Chinese table tennis champion named Wang but first name is Liqin, not Hao.
Btw, I think we should refer to Chinese people by first name last name like everyone else to avoid confusion: eg Hao Wang, Jintao Hu, etc