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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Get to know the name Louie Sakoda

University of Utah's Kicker/Punter Louie Sakoda is a name that you should get familiar with. In Utah's win over Michigan he hit a 53 yard field goal. The thing that made it spectacular was that the kick was so good it could have had a chance to make it from 60 yards out. Could he be the highest kicker ever taken in the draft?

Back in the day Brian Urlacher was a nerd

Old Spice has a new ad out that definitely caught my eye.
This is absolutely hilarious. Is that how people look in New Mexico? The picture in the bottom-left makes it even more funny. From now on I will refer to Urlacher as Brian "the colossal man mountain of awesomeness" Urlacher.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco has officially lost it

Was this a ruse to just keep this on:that's right, because all of the speculation is true. Chad Johnson has legally changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco. I don't think that he knows that 85 in Spanish is ochenta y cinco, but he probably doesn't care. With his name legally Chad Ocho Cinco, I assume that he can wear Ocho Cinco on his back without being fined. I thought that he was a little crazy before, but this just proves to me that Chad has completely lost his mind.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Merriman thinks he is a tough guy

After being told by numerous doctors that his two torn ligaments in his leg would need surgery, Shawne Merriman decided to disagree. If he actually plays the whole season, Tiger Woods is a wimp for the U.S. Open. I'm placing my money on the knee to give in before 8 games. What is the over/under?

Mariotti out, so why is he still there?

As I heard that Jay Mariotti was out at the Chicago Sun-Times yesterday, I flipped to Around the Horn and realized that he was still in his usual spot in the Sun-Times building. What is up with that? Either the show is recorded a day early or he made peace and returned to the Sun-Times.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Remembering the Little League Titans

All who played organized baseball as a kid know what I am talking about here. There was always that one kid. The kid at the age of 10 had a mustache was 5'10'' and had arms bulging out of his sleeves. Every league had at least one of these. This kid would always pitch and leave you crapping your pants every time you walked to the plate. When you were just reaching a 50 mile per hour fastball, this kid was at 70. We all just dealt with it as it was a part of life. Now some league is teaching our kids how to be pansies by banning these titans. I'm talking about the case of Jericho Scott. He was banned because he apparently throws too fast. It is bad enough to give all of the kids trophies but now they prevent the best from getting them. I've got an idea. How bout we kick out all of the kids of parents that thinks a 40 mph fastball is going to hurt their kid.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chris Bosh hits on girl while eating burger in China

While Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard enjoy a meal in China, Chris Bosh sees a girl at the next table and I'm pretty sure that he calls her pretty.

I've already checked and he doesn't have a wife so this will do no harm. I know they won gold and all but shouldn't they have other priorities. Wouldn't it make sense to hit on a girl that lives within 5000 miles of home.

Update: According to Cuzzy ( check it out) Chris Bosh does indeed have a girlfriend in Toronto.

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Would Chad Johnson would beat Usain Bolt in a race?

Even though Chad wanted to race Michael Phelps on land, I put him up against another great Olympian, Usain Bolt. Using Usain Bolt's 100 meter splits, seeing whom is faster is possible unlike the Phelps situation. The answer briefly, is that Ocho-Cinco would not be faster.

By using math and converting meters to yards you can find what Usain Bolt's 40 yard dash time would be. By the math, Usain Bolt runs about a 4.20 40. Chad Johnson on the other hand, who is fond of challenging people or horses to races, ran a 4.54 40 at the NFL combine.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Still confused about the closing ceremony

I really can't believed that I managed to watch the whole thing. Almost everything about it was horrible. From the costumes,to the Dr. Suess like instruments,to the stupid tower.It was all just way too much!
The only cool thing about it was the bike that was one big wheel.

Link initiation holmes: 8/25

This is from a big site but I just hate the LLWS- Deadspin
Mr. Met threatens Yankee fan- Busted Coverage
7 movies to come out of the Olympics- Cuzoogle
Why you have to love Ray's manager Joe Maddon- Bugs & Cranks

Were Usain Bolt and Terrell Owens seperated at birth?

I'm surprised that I have not seen this comparison yet. Am I the only one that sees the similarities here?
Is this a stretch? I think it may be because they both showboat.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

In case you missed it: 2004 Athens marathon runner attacked

If you missed this story, like I certainly did, it is a good one. In the marathon event during the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Brazil's Vanderlei de Lima was leading the race with only two miles left to go. A crazed protester then ran onto the course and subdued the leader for a total of 20. That may not seem like a long time, but as you can imagine, after running 24 miles you will have very little strength left and the last thing you want to do is fight of an idiot.

Vanderlei de Lima went on to only get the bronze medal because the incident left him shocked and with alot less energy. The protester could have run onto the course as I have no problem with that, but when you interfer and demolish his chance for gold, that's not right. Cornelius "Neil" Horan, the protester, is an inconsiderate jackass. That's all I can say about him.
Vanderlei de Lima in pain.

Lima did not angrily yell and scream because of not receiving the gold. He moved on and made the best of the incident. He rightfully returned home to Brazil as a hero.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Are you kidding me? Cuban Olympian kicks ref in head

A while back we had a story on a drunk ref. Well now we have another story about a ref but this one is more serious. Angel Matos of Cuba kicked Olympic Taekwondo referee Chakir Chelbat after a diputed call.

Matos was DQed by the ref for delaying the match by taking too much time after an injury. Matos then yelled at, pushed, then kicked the ref before leaving. Chelbat's required stiches on his lip. Matos is facing a life-time ban from the sport and I wouldn't be surprised if there are criminal charges.

Obviously there are more peaceful ways to object such as just yelling or protesting both of which we have seen already in these games.

Here's the video.

New Phelps-Cavic photos from official time-keeper

Omega, the official time keeper for Olympic Swimming has released their photos of the .01 second win by Michael Phelps. As was the same in the Sports Illustrated pictures, it appears as in Cavic touches the wall first.

Those are the pictures but I don't understand them. They don't seem to be in a logical order.

Timer Silvio Chianese explained by saying that it takes 6.6 pounds of force to set the pad off.
"Any less and waves would set it off. You can't just put your fingertips on the pad, you really have to push it. We explained all this directly after the race to [Cavic] and his coach." -Silvio Chianese
What a gyp for Cavic huh? Mr. Cavic even though you touched the wall first you didn't touch it hard enough. Oh well. Milorad Cavic didn't even expect to win the silver so he was not complaining. Without a doubt, if an American swimmer was on the losing end of this they would arguing and complaining about this for years.

Bigger bust (so far) Reggie Bush or Alex Smith?

The career of #1 pick Alex Smith hit a new low yesterday. J.T. O'Sullivan, who has been impressive in pre-season, has taken the starting QB position from Smith. Meanwhile, while rolling in all of his endorsement dough, Reggie Bush has yet to prove that he should be the starter. As you may remember, football fans (including me) were laughing at the Texans front office for picking Mario Williams at #1. Since then, Mario Williams has been the anchor of the Texan defense while Reggie Bush gets busy with Kim Kardashian. So I simply pose this question. Who has been the bigger bust so far? Reggie Bush, Heisman winner with endorsement deals and many thought should have been #1. Or Alex Smith the #1 pick that has played like a fourth round pick his entire career so far.

Let's take a look at the stats.

Reggie Bush (stats are average over career):
Rushing Yards: 573 yards
Rushing Y/Carry: 3.65 yards
Rushing TDs: 10 TDs
Receiving Yards: 579.5 yards
Receiving TDs: 2 TDs
Fumbles: 5 fumbles (he had 8 in the 2007 season)

Side note from good ole' Wikipedia. Reggie Bush is second to only Mr. Peyton Manning. Peyton will be hard to catch there. Bush has deals with: Pepsi, GM, Adidas, and Subway. Don't forget that deal he had with the car dealership at USC (allegedly).

Wearing a Nats hat. It all makes sense now.

Alex Smith (stats are average over career):

Completion %: 54.4% (48.7% in 2007 which is worst of career)
Passing Yards: 1559 yards
Passing TDs: 6 TDs
Interceptions: 10 ints.
Fumbles: 9 fumbles

I tend to think that Alex Smith is the bigger bust so far. He has had one more year than Bush to pull his act together. I could also be persuaded to go with Bush because of all of the hype and endorsements.

Who ya got? I always want to hear what you have to say. Drop you opinion in the comments.

(p.s: What a huge coincidence that they went to the same high school.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Chinese "age-gate": Americans still lost

Walter Dix's reaction after learning he had received a medal after two DQ's: " I still lost". He said that because it is true. He didn't earn that medal it fell to him. The same will apply in the outcome of the ongoing controversy with the age of Chinese athletes. Even if He Kexin (won 2 gymnastics golds) is 14, Nastia Liukin and the USA gymnastic team still lost. I find losing to a kid that shouldn't be competing more embarrassing than just losing. But no, us American want those two golds that would fall to us if indeed she is under aged. She got a better score therefore she won the gold. One last rant. An panelist for NBC said that she would have an advantage because kids are more flexible. Don't give me that. So this girl is 14, you can't tell me that she has more of an advantage than 16 year old gymnast Shawn Johnson. Fighting this is just stupid.
She doesn't look 16 but would this have happened if the Chinese gymnast didn't take any medals? I don't think it would have.

Gotsta Hate It: Men's 200m track DQ's

Or love it if you are American because we got an extra medal out of the deal. If you missed it, in the mens 200 meter dash, there were 2 disqualifications in the event for stepping on the line. That is idiotic. But anyways, Wallace Spearmon who initially had the bronze and Churandy Martina who initially had the silver were disqualified. They didn't step in to the other lane they just stepped on the line. Shawn Crawford and Walter Dix finished 4th and 5th respectively initially. With the 2 DQ's they went home with the silver and bronze, of course Usain Bolt got the gold. As I see it, stepping on the line should be fine. Sprinters don't look at their feet they look ahead. They won so just give them the medals. Shouldn't the officials be more worried about doping rather than if a dudes shoelace touches the line?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Michael Phelps beats up Milorad Cavic

This video is obviously fake but it is funny none the less.
Sorry can't get embedding to work.

It had me going for a second there with the splashes. To lose by that small of a margin is a slap in the face enough, but to get hit with a pool noodle, that is too much despair.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's not easy NOT being Michael Phelps

Watch in amazement as Chinese people mob a British reporter because they think that he looks like Michael Phelps. Why they would think that he would be carrying a cardboard cutout of himself is unknown. After about a minute of saying that he is not Phelps, someone finally figures it out and says "Ohhhhh" hilarious. Also listen for "Fi fi fi fi fi fi fi" it is in there somewhere.

Religious hints in sports ads

You may remember about a year back that this commercial had many going to church up in arms.

Well now there is new reason for them to be angry at an ad again thanks to Tiger Woods.

In case you happen to be blind, that was Tiger Woods walking on water. In case you don't go to church, this is saying that he can do something that people thought only Jesus could do.

Olympic sized golden sombrero for Brian Barden

In the biggest stage in his life thus far, Brian Barden managed to accomplish a difficult feat in the world of baseball. No, this feat was not a good thing. Brian managed to strike out four times in a game against Chinese-Taipei (Taiwan). Don't get me wrong, I may have been the only one watching this game, but that feat will undoubtedly keep him from playing much in the foreseeable future.Here you see Brian missing a ball... What will this kid do next?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Usain Bolt is insane

The Jamaican sprinter who demolished the 100 meter record with such ease is on his way to winning gold in the 200 meter. Bolt appeared to be jogging in the semis. The 6'5'' phenom is by far the fastest man in the world.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Troubled times of Richie Sexson

About a month ago supposed star for the Seattle Mariners Richie Sexson was released from his mega contract with Seattle. Not long after, he signed with the New York Yankees. Things were looking up right? Wrong. Three days ago, without much media surrounding it, Richie Sexson was designated for assignment.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stabbing may overshadow good aspects of China

While attending the Olympic games to watch his son coach the USA mens volleyball team, Hugh McCutcheons' father was fatally stabbed. The attacker then jumped to his death. Authorities say that this was a random act. While the purpose for these Olympics for the Chinese is to put their best foot forward, this random act may overshadow all of the good things for many Americans.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Senaca Wallace crazy scramble

I am going out on a limb and calling this the greatest QB scramble ever.

It is a shame we don't get to see him more often as he is a back-up.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bernie Mac in Mr. 3000

With the recent and unexpected death of Bernie Mac, I encourage you to watch him in the movie Mr. 3000. He plays a baseball great that has to come out of retirement to secure his status in the 3000 hit club.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In case you missed it: opening ceremony

The opening ceremony last Friday was spectacular. If you didn't watch it, then here it is.

They couldn't have paid all of those performers. Did they just want to do that for their country?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jets don't care that Brett Favre is a legend

After fumbling during practice, Brett Favre was told to take a lap around the field.

Earth to the Jets coaching staff. This is not pee-wee football. We are talking about Brett Favre here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gotsta Hate It: tape delay

The problem with the Olympics being hosted in a country other than North America is that looking at the Olympic schedule gets all the more complicated. If you want to figure out when you can watch team USA live you will have to do the math and nobody likes to do that.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Michael Phelps has two golds in his quest for eight

In his first two events in the Olympics Michael Phelps has already racked up two golds. He has one in the 4 x 100 meter relay and 400 meter idividual medley.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Team USA embarasses home country

China is not going to win a gold medal in this event. USA basketball beat the Chinese team 101-70. Yi and Yao were shut down by team USA. The game was estimated to be seen by at least a billion people including live and on TV.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Would you care to count?

Throughout the Olympic opening ceremony, the announcers kept ensuring us that there were exactly 2008 performers for each routine. Here is your chance to prove them wrong.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Rex Grossman Kyle Orton Caleb Hanie

Without Cedric Benson and a decent QB, there were some positive things to come out of the Chicago Bears first pre-season game. Former Northern Illinois stud Garrett Wolfe rushed for 9.1 yards per carry for the Bears and free agent acquisition Caleb Hanie actually looked like a feasible QB. He was 9/16 with one TD and 101 passing yards. The next Tony Romo? Not likely. But he certainly looks like the best option for the Bears moving forward. Garrett Wolfe, who was the NCAA leading rusher only a few years ago looked like exacly that.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

OKC Thunder name leaked... again

As released the schedule for the up-coming season, they forgot one key factor. They have not officially named the Oklahoma City franchise yet. When the schedule was released online, it listed the Oklahoma City team name as the Thunder.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brett Favre traded to New York Jets

Favre has been traded to the Jets for a 4th round pick. Actually it is more complicated than that. The round of the draft pick can change depending on how the Jets do this year. With the addition of Favre, Pennington or Clemens had to go. Pennington will be cut shortly.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A.J. Pierzynski goes to the ground in brawl

You may remember when A.J. Pierzynski was sucker punched years back by Michael Barrett. Well A.J. got punch again. Miguel Olivo took a swing and his fist found the top of Pierzynski's head.

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The Hulk strikes again

Does Price Fielder need anger management?
Yesterday he got in a scuffle with Manny Parra.

This man has been mighty angry as of late.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Two impressive performances by college stars

Yesterday the Redskins and the Colts played the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio. There were two performances that stood out. Both were from great college players that fell to the late rounds of the draft. Colt Brennan, from Hawaii, was 9 for 10 in passing for 123 yards with two touchdowns in his showing.
Colt Brennan highlights.

Mike Hart, from Michigan, was also very impressive. Hart had only 4 carries but gained 53 yards in those 4 carries. Is it because Mike Hart was overlooked, or that the line of the Colts is just that good? I tend to think that he was overlooked.
Mike Hart highlights.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fattest team in baseball power rankings

1. White Sox- 222.6 lbs
Most Valuable Fatty: Bobby Jenks (275 lbs)
2. Dodgers- 216.8 lbs
Most Valuable Fatty: Jonathan Broxton (290 lbs)
3. Rangers- 215.6 lbs Most
Valuable Fatty: Marlon Byrd (245 lbs)
4. Brewers- 215.4 lbs
Most Valuable Fatty: CC Sabathia (290 lbs)
5. Yankees- 213.6 lbs
Most Valuable Fatty: Chris Britton (275 lbs)
6. Diamondbacks- 213 lbs
Most Valuable Fatty: Jon Rauch (290 lbs)
7. Twins- 212.8 lbs
Most Valuable Fatty: Dennys Reyes (250 lbs)
8. Reds- 212.6 lbs
Most Valuable Fatty: Adam Dunn (275 lbs)
9. Nationals- 211.6 lbs
Most Valuable Fatty: Joel Hanrahan (250 lbs) (Dimitri Young and Willy Mo Pena on DL and not counted)
10. Cardinals- 211.6 lbs
Most Valuable Fatty: Ron Villone (245 lbs)

Who is the fattest team in baseball? NL standings


1. Nationals

Most Valuable Fatty: Joel Hanrahan (250 lbs) (Dimitri Young and Willy Mo Pena on DL and not counted)

Dimitri Young

2. Marlins

Most Valuable Fatty: Kevin Gregg and Mark Hendrickson (240 lbs)

3. Mets

Most Valuable Fatty: Eddie Kunz and Carlos Delgado (265 lbs)

4. Phillies

Most Valuable Fatty: Joe Blanton and Ryan Howard (255 lbs)
5. Braves

Most Valuable Fatty: Vladimir Nunez (240 lbs)


1. Brewers

Most Valuable Fatty: CC Sabathia ( 290 lbs)

2. Reds

Most Valuable Fatty: Adam Dunn (275 lbs)

3. Cardinals
Most Valuable Fatty: Ron Villone (245 lbs)

4. Cubs

Most Valuable Fatty: Carlos Zambrano (355 lbs)

5. Pirates

Most Valuable Fatty: Tyler Yates (240 lbs)
6. Astros
Most Valuable Fatty: Jose Valverde (255 lbs)


1. Dodgers

Most Valuable Fatty: Jonathan Broxton (290 lbs)

Jonathan Broxton

2. Diamondbacks

Most Valuable Fatty: Jon Rauch (290 lbs)

T3. Rockies

Most Valuable Fatty: Matt Holliday (235 lbs)
T3. Padres
Most Valuable Fatty: Chris Young (280 lbs)

5. Giants

Most Valuable Fatty: Tyler Walker (275 lbs)

I warned you Doug, don't make the Hulk angry

In the finale of the Cubs-Brewers series, Doug Eddings proves that he does not read this blog. He did not head my advice to not get the "Big mean veggie eatin' machine"( aka Prince Fielder) angry.
Watch as Fielder transforms into the Hulk before your eyes here:
Can Prince and CC bring the title to Milwaukee? Stick tight.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

International competition for basketball free agents

For so many years the NBA has stolen the greatest of basketball players from their respective countries. The tables are turning now. Billions throughout the world are running basketball teams only in the name of bringing great pride to their city not making profits. Therefore, they don't care if they lose money on a regular basis (which most are), they just want championships. With the departure of free-agent and former Atlanta Hawks player Josh Childress, the Greek team Olympiacos B.C. have their sights set on another American basketball player. The target is some kid named Lebron James. With no salary cap, the Greek team can pay a player as much as they want to. This is the reason Josh Childress went across the pond. It's not because of lack of talent as it was before but now because of the plethora of money. This Greek team can offer Lebron James more than NBA team can unless that NBA team has a roster of only Lebron. Are we ready to see BronBron donning ridiculous jerseys and advertisements.

WNBA Chris Paul

Watch as Lindsay Whalen of the Connecticut Sun dominates her opponents as she does her best impersonation of Chris Paul.

The only thing that makes this a little lame is that she lays it up on the break-away.

How not to row

Getting you prepared for the Olympics that start Friday, I'm giving you this pointer on how not to row.

About 30 people wet when they weren't expecting it. There is not much funnier than that.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Who is the fattest team in baseball? AL standings

With the addition of CC (don't call me C.C.) Sabathia along with Prince Fielder the Brewers look, quite literally, like heavyweight contenders. But are they really the fattest team in baseball? Using the active roster for each team, I will use the average to determine the winner in each division.



1. Yankees
Most Valuable Fatty: Chris Britton (275 lbs)
Sidney Ponson
2. Jays
Most Valuable Fatty: B.J. Ryan (260 lbs)
3. Rays
Most Valuable Fatty: Troy Percival (240 lbs)
4. Orioles
Most Valuable Fatty: Daniel Cabrera (270 lbs)
5. Red Sox
Most Valuable Fatty: Justin Masterson (250 lbs)


1. White Sox
Most Valuable Fatty: Bobby Jenks (275 lbs)

Bobby Jenks
2. Twins
Most Valuable Fatty: Dennys Reyes (250 lbs)

3. Royals
Most Valuable Fatty: Billy Butler (240 lbs)
4. Indians
Most Valuable Fatty: Fausto Carmona (230 lbs)
5. Tigers
Most Valuable Fatty: Miguel Cabrera (240 lbs)

1. Rangers
Most Valuable Fatty: Marlon Byrd (245 lbs)
2. Mariners
Most Valuable Fatty: J.J. Putz (250 lbs)
3. A's
Most Valuable Fatty: Frank Thomas (275 lbs)
4. Angels
Most Valuable Fatty: John Lackey (245 lbs)

Bold= division winner
Italic= wildcard

NL fatness standings coming within the next few days.

If these don't touch you, you have no heart

I can not say enough about the courage and heart that these two men show.
The images say it all.
Derek Redmond (now in a Visa commercial)

I saw this in Sports Illustrated in the Leading Off section. It is entitled "Roll Models" and Delvin McMillian is the epitome of that. At 28, he is a veteran and this is a photo of him in the National Veterans Wheelchair Games in quad rugby game.

Have any examples of courage in sports? Drop it in the comments and I will do a sequel.

Manny doesn't look too happy

With all of the chaos surrounding Manny Ramirez in his last days in Boston combined with his happiness, shouldn't he be a bit happier about the trade than this.
Did they wake him up from a nap and then snap his picture?