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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bigger bust (so far) Reggie Bush or Alex Smith?

The career of #1 pick Alex Smith hit a new low yesterday. J.T. O'Sullivan, who has been impressive in pre-season, has taken the starting QB position from Smith. Meanwhile, while rolling in all of his endorsement dough, Reggie Bush has yet to prove that he should be the starter. As you may remember, football fans (including me) were laughing at the Texans front office for picking Mario Williams at #1. Since then, Mario Williams has been the anchor of the Texan defense while Reggie Bush gets busy with Kim Kardashian. So I simply pose this question. Who has been the bigger bust so far? Reggie Bush, Heisman winner with endorsement deals and many thought should have been #1. Or Alex Smith the #1 pick that has played like a fourth round pick his entire career so far.

Let's take a look at the stats.

Reggie Bush (stats are average over career):
Rushing Yards: 573 yards
Rushing Y/Carry: 3.65 yards
Rushing TDs: 10 TDs
Receiving Yards: 579.5 yards
Receiving TDs: 2 TDs
Fumbles: 5 fumbles (he had 8 in the 2007 season)

Side note from good ole' Wikipedia. Reggie Bush is second to only Mr. Peyton Manning. Peyton will be hard to catch there. Bush has deals with: Pepsi, GM, Adidas, and Subway. Don't forget that deal he had with the car dealership at USC (allegedly).

Wearing a Nats hat. It all makes sense now.

Alex Smith (stats are average over career):

Completion %: 54.4% (48.7% in 2007 which is worst of career)
Passing Yards: 1559 yards
Passing TDs: 6 TDs
Interceptions: 10 ints.
Fumbles: 9 fumbles

I tend to think that Alex Smith is the bigger bust so far. He has had one more year than Bush to pull his act together. I could also be persuaded to go with Bush because of all of the hype and endorsements.

Who ya got? I always want to hear what you have to say. Drop you opinion in the comments.

(p.s: What a huge coincidence that they went to the same high school.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Reggie Bush is easily the biggest bust. The Saints used the #2 pick for a Kick-0ff and punt returner who can run 22mph in the open field. But he will give up 2-3 positive yards and step out of bounds before taking a hit. He tip-toed through a weak PAC-10 and got more hype than the 700B bail-out. Bottom line is when it's on the line and his team needs a yard his candy ass is not on the field. Plus, his best two statistical games so far in 2008 have resulted in 2 losses. That says it all.