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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Remembering the Little League Titans

All who played organized baseball as a kid know what I am talking about here. There was always that one kid. The kid at the age of 10 had a mustache was 5'10'' and had arms bulging out of his sleeves. Every league had at least one of these. This kid would always pitch and leave you crapping your pants every time you walked to the plate. When you were just reaching a 50 mile per hour fastball, this kid was at 70. We all just dealt with it as it was a part of life. Now some league is teaching our kids how to be pansies by banning these titans. I'm talking about the case of Jericho Scott. He was banned because he apparently throws too fast. It is bad enough to give all of the kids trophies but now they prevent the best from getting them. I've got an idea. How bout we kick out all of the kids of parents that thinks a 40 mph fastball is going to hurt their kid.

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