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Friday, August 22, 2008

Chinese "age-gate": Americans still lost

Walter Dix's reaction after learning he had received a medal after two DQ's: " I still lost". He said that because it is true. He didn't earn that medal it fell to him. The same will apply in the outcome of the ongoing controversy with the age of Chinese athletes. Even if He Kexin (won 2 gymnastics golds) is 14, Nastia Liukin and the USA gymnastic team still lost. I find losing to a kid that shouldn't be competing more embarrassing than just losing. But no, us American want those two golds that would fall to us if indeed she is under aged. She got a better score therefore she won the gold. One last rant. An panelist for NBC said that she would have an advantage because kids are more flexible. Don't give me that. So this girl is 14, you can't tell me that she has more of an advantage than 16 year old gymnast Shawn Johnson. Fighting this is just stupid.
She doesn't look 16 but would this have happened if the Chinese gymnast didn't take any medals? I don't think it would have.

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