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Friday, August 22, 2008

Gotsta Hate It: Men's 200m track DQ's

Or love it if you are American because we got an extra medal out of the deal. If you missed it, in the mens 200 meter dash, there were 2 disqualifications in the event for stepping on the line. That is idiotic. But anyways, Wallace Spearmon who initially had the bronze and Churandy Martina who initially had the silver were disqualified. They didn't step in to the other lane they just stepped on the line. Shawn Crawford and Walter Dix finished 4th and 5th respectively initially. With the 2 DQ's they went home with the silver and bronze, of course Usain Bolt got the gold. As I see it, stepping on the line should be fine. Sprinters don't look at their feet they look ahead. They won so just give them the medals. Shouldn't the officials be more worried about doping rather than if a dudes shoelace touches the line?

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