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Saturday, August 2, 2008

International competition for basketball free agents

For so many years the NBA has stolen the greatest of basketball players from their respective countries. The tables are turning now. Billions throughout the world are running basketball teams only in the name of bringing great pride to their city not making profits. Therefore, they don't care if they lose money on a regular basis (which most are), they just want championships. With the departure of free-agent and former Atlanta Hawks player Josh Childress, the Greek team Olympiacos B.C. have their sights set on another American basketball player. The target is some kid named Lebron James. With no salary cap, the Greek team can pay a player as much as they want to. This is the reason Josh Childress went across the pond. It's not because of lack of talent as it was before but now because of the plethora of money. This Greek team can offer Lebron James more than NBA team can unless that NBA team has a roster of only Lebron. Are we ready to see BronBron donning ridiculous jerseys and advertisements.

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