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Friday, June 27, 2008

Bulgaria: The Land of Tiny Balls

Bulgaria has pulled the plug on its' weightlifting team. Ivailo Filev, Demir Demirev, Mehmed Fikretov, Ivan Stoitsov, Georgi Markov, Ivan Markov, Alan Tsagaev, Velichko Cholakov, Milka Maneva, Donka Mincheva and Gergana Kirilova all were members of the Bulgarian weightlifting team. News just in today, they all tested positive for steroids. Wow. 11 people. Not only was it most of the weightlifting team, that is most of Bulgaria.
These Bulgarians are known for cheating.
Take a look at the Italian flag.

Now take a look at the Bulgarian flag.

Very tricky Bulgaria. You think we wouldn't notice. If they cheat at making their flag, why wouldn't they cheat at weightlifting?
Pssh. Flipping the flag and changing the colors around will not fool me.


Anonymous said...

Great at making assumptions on a whole nation over 11 people. You win the special Olympics award.

Ivan said...

Idiot disrespecting the Bulgarian flag if I ever see you I will kill you little pussy.

Anonymous said...

How DARE YOU saying this BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!
This only shows your COMPLETE LACK OF KNOWLEDDGE .... and just for your onw informaton I want YOU TO HAVE A CLOSE LOOK at the flags of FRANCE RUSSIA AND THE NETHERLANDS .... and we'll see if you will DARE to write something like THIS!!!!

Mikael said...

Either that's one bad joke or you're a complete moron. Hope its the 1st.

Everybody take stimulants these days and it's a matter of technology and timing not to be caught. Then yeah we suck at cheating compared to China, US, Germany n so on... so what?