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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

White Sox Must Feel Silly About Willie

Pardon the 3 Chicago posts in a row just bear with me. Willie Harris formerly of the Chicago White Sox (2002-2005), is starting to come through for the Nationals. Don't mind the .200 batting average because he hasn't gotten much playing time. Not only does it seem that Willie has one of the greatest catches in the outfield nearly every month, he is on fire at the plate. In the last two games he hit 3-5 with 2 homers. Not only can this man roam the outfield with ease, but he can also play the infield. Oh, and did I mention that he is a threat on the bases. The aging White Sox could sure use some speed in their line-up right now. Not only does he have more speed than criminal Juan Uribe, but he has more homers also. Sox, would you like a mulligan?

If that doesn't convince you maybe this will:

or this(sorry this is the only place I could find it!):
Willie Harris Robs Carlos Delgado

If my memory serves me, that^^ was the top web gem or play of 2007.

or this:(earlier in the game when he robbed Delgado)
Willie Harris Robs Moises Alou
Update: this is same link as Delgado one but the catch against Alou can be accessed from here.

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