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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To Da House: Best Returns For TD Ever

10. Kevin Cobb- this one falls to the bottom because people thought he was down

9. Desean Jackson- this one also falls because he didn't really break tackles but is still amazing

8. Devin Hester-broke a few tackles gave a stiff arm and cut back in for the TD. Wow.

7. Brandon Tate- broke 4 tackles and took off

6. Darnell Blackman of (insert ESPN's "The Nation" line here)-this man does not stop moving his feet

5. Josh Cribbs- greatly made up for his mistake with this play

4. Dante Hall- like the Jackson play but got around a lot more people

3. Woodrow Dantzler- complete with a couple broken tackles and tight roping the sideline.

2. Darrelle Revis- bonus points for the big hit and surviving the end on the sideline

That last play was great and all, but the next one is RIDICULOUS!(hint)
Take a wild guess who will have #1 play
You guessed it!
1. Devin Hester-this doesn't need explanation

Bonus: Daniel Sepulveda-

Ha you weren't expecting that were you!
In case you were wondering that was the punter on the hit.

More Hester for your viewing pleasure:

Help me out. Did I miss a great play? If I did post a comment let me know and I'll be sure to get to it.


Natty B said...

Very solid list here. Damn these guys are good.

Anonymous said...

I think the Revis play was better.

Tailgating Dave said...

It's overplayed but you have to admit the Cal-Stanford "the band is out on the field" play is one of the greatest returns just because the trombone player gets owned at the end.

Anonymous said...

I'd pick the one where Hester jumps over Saurbrun rather than the last 4 or so

dlee4prez said...

Yeah that cal-stanford is classic. I wanted to kind of do it on the return man himself not really other factors. I also didn't want to be too Hester heavy because we all know he's great.

Anonymous said...

Dante Hall.

Anonymous said...

Terrible list. Replace #1 and #2 with the two D Hall returns against the Denver Broncos:

and even though it's not a return, this deserves honorable mention as the best non-return TD by a return man:

Anonymous said...

Devin Hester in the superbowl should be number 1

dlee4prez said...

OK. Well I did look at Donte Hall before making this list, I didn't find anything that spectacular...until I saw this play that I am going to add. That Devin Hester play in the super bowl was not as athletically great as any on this list. If I was doing the list on best return on a big stage, it would no doubt be on the list.

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

Anonymous said...

what about cribbs' return for a touchdown this year. it was better than most of these.

Anonymous said...

I think the Hall return should go in between the second and third block in the backs.

Anonymous said...

the one at the top (rated #7) was from the 1996 Memphis - Tennesse game where the Tigers upset the Vols 21-17. Clearly the runner has the elbow on the ground and the TD should not have counted.

dlee4prez said...

Awesome. I added both the Cribbs and the Hall plays. Those were two that I missed and are great. As for the Cobb play, that is a great picture and I have decided that there are so many other great plays that there is not room for this "TD".