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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

5 ways to make the Home Run Derby more interesting

Don't get me wrong, I loved watching Josh Hamilton hitting bombs. Other than that, it was rather bland. So how about we spice things up a bit.

1. Pay the kids in the outfield money for each ball they fetch.
Wouldn't kids giving choke-holds and arm bars to each other while fighting over the ball be cool? It will teach kids the lesson of survival of the fittest, while also bringing more entertainment to the viewers.

2. Use metal bats.
I was a bit disappointed, while all night they were talking about hitting out of the stadium it didn't happen. The easy fix, metal bats. Let's bring the ping of college baseball that everyone loves to the Home Run Derby. If they had metal bats last night, there is no doubt that a ball would have went out. Farther hits= more entertainment.

3. Use Erin Andrews more.
You can never have too much Erin Andrews. Not only is she pleasant to the eyes (unlike Berman), but she also was the one last night who knew their stuff. Between Chris Berman and Joe Morgan, that was awful. They should put her intelligence in the commentators seat.

4. Zap Chis Berman each time he says back.
We all know those collars that people put on dogs that zap them each time they bark. Strap one of those to Berman and we won't be hearing that repetitive "back, back, back" much longer.

5. Actually have home run hitters.
This choice is the most obvious. It's no fun watching Evan Longoria trying to hit home runs. Watching Ryan Howard hit bombs, well that's another story. A home run derby without the home run leader is a crime. Add the true home run hitters with the metal bats and then you have some real entertainment.

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Mike May said...

The exit speed of the baseball off today's metal bat (used at the high school and college level -- which is BESR certified) is no greater than the exit speed off the finest wood ash bat.

Admittedly, metal/non-wood bats may have a bigger sweet spot than wood bats, but they don't create a faster exit speed.

For more on this issue, go to

Mike May
Don't Take My Bat Away