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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Elton Brand Looks Like a Boozer

Elton Brand who has said to friend Baron Davis that he will re-sign with the Clippers, is reportedly going to accept the Philadelphia 76ers offer of 5 years for $82 million. The whole reason that Brand is in free agency was to clear room for Davis. He told the Clippers and Baron Davis that he planned to stay with the Clippers. This whole situation is eerily similar to the Carlos Boozer situation with Cleveland. Boozer, of course, is now with the Jazz. It looks as if Elton may may some major splaning to do to Baron and the Clippers.


grego said...

this is also similar to to baron davis and the warriors, he said all season and off season that he would resign with the warriors, and then at the very last minute he opted out of his contract and the next day signed with the clippers....karma is a b***h for the clippers

Amar Panchmatia said...

What? Elton Brand's situation is nowhere near the same as Carlos Boozer's. The Clips didn't have a team option for next year at less than a million dollars. Brand didn't lie to them by promising that he'll re-sign for below market value if they let him out of his deal, knowing full well that other teams with cap space could offer more and his cap-strapped team would have no ability to match.

And on top of all this, he didn't do this to a blind owner.

Brand played the game of free agency by the rules, and the owner who suffered was the cheapskate Donald Sterling. There is no way anybody can have pity for the Clippers, who shoot themselves in the foot at every opportunity. And there is no way anybody should compare this situation to Boozer's, who did something far worse by lying and scamming his way out of a contract.

Elton Brand was simply a free agent, and free agents go to the highest bidder. Boozers are a little different. End of story.

wheresubaldo said...

With Baron Davis and the Warroiors the situation was a bit different I think. From the start of the year, people knew that Baron and Nelson had bad blood between them. Benching Baron for that second half in the last game I think was the last straw for Baron to opt out. With Elton and the Clippers there was no bad blood. This is where I get to your comment Amar. Elton Brand opted out with the Clippers because, and he said this, he wanted to let the Clippers gain some cap space to go out and sign Baron. There was no hint of him going elsewhere. At the time it seemed as if he truly was clearing up space. He opted out to give the Clippers the flexibility to go get the likes of Baron, which they got. His agent has said that his intent the whole time was to stay in L.A. and win. The signing of Baron looked as if their wish had been granted and he would no doubt return to the Clippers. Of course, now Elton has come out and said that negotiations with the Clips didn't go well which may explain why he chose to leave. Keep in mind that this post was written before that press conference. At the time, it did look like he was lying to the Clippers the whole time. I agree with you that it doesn't seem like his fault now.

Sorry for the essay and I appreciate your thoughts.