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Friday, July 11, 2008

Favre as a Bear, Lion, and Viking

In the wake of Brett Favre requesting his release from the Packers, he has a few viable teams to go to. They all happen to reside in the NFC North. His options are the Bears, Lions, and the Vikings as the title suggests. What would he look like in any one of these uniforms you ask? You have come to the right place.
This would be great for the Bears. With no one to pass to though, they won't go very far.
The Lions have also been thrown out there as a possible suitor for Favre. This probably makes the least sense out of the three because the Lions actually have a QB. He could, though,be a back-up for the oft shaken-up Kitna.
Finally, the Vikings. If the Vikings happen to get Favre, it will be a god send. The only thing holding back the Vikes from the Super Bowl is the slow development of Tavaris Jackson. Bringing in Favre will not only make them big contenders for a ring this year, but with Favre mentoring Jackson, the Vikings could be a powerhouse for years to come.
(Thank you to whomever created the Favre on the Vikings.)
What do you think? Where should Favre go? What team makes the most sense?

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