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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Don't Tell Me You Believe This

News has it that A-Rod and his wife Cynthia have marital issues. That I can believe. Who doesn't have their problems once in a while. While rumors say that A-Rod cheated on his wife with Madonna.
Yes, that Madonna. Now in the wake of that rumor, now people are saying that Lenny Kravitz has a thing for the wife of A-Rod. Now, let's ignore the fact that A-Rod, Madonna, and Lenny Kravitz share the same agent. That itself is just too coincidental. All of these rumors are most likely a evil plan of the agent who knows that Madonna and Kravitz both need publicity. He most likely is using A-Rod's marital issues to try to make this whole thing more believable. The fact that this is A-Rod, the highest payed player in baseball, makes this unbelievable. It is hard to believe that A-Rod, who can get most girls in Hollywood, choose to pick Madonna out of all of his options. I'm calling BS on this one for sure.

I will usually pass on the tabloid stuff but this is just too big to pass up.

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