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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yankees Look Pudgier

With the loss of starting catcher Jorge Posada for the rest of the season, the Yankees made a splash today. The Yankees have traded the Tigers Kyle Farnsworth in exchange of Ivan Rodriguez. Pudge, who is hitting .295 this season waived his no trade clause to join the Yanks. With the acquisition of Nady and now Rodriquez, the only thing holding the Yankees back from a championship is their pitching. Could this be the end of Posada in Yankee pinstripes?
Ivan is thanking higher powers that he is in World Series contention.

On a second note, what the heck are baseball GMs doing at this deadline. First the Teixeira trade, and now this. Oh, let's trade a all-star catcher for a pitcher that hasn't done anything spectacular this year. What's next? Manny to the Dodgers for Jason Schmidt?

Hey, you gotta love Kyle's picture.

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