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Monday, July 14, 2008

Look out Candace Parker

Brittney Griner is coming for you.
I'm sorry Candace, but this:

has absolutely nothing on the dunk in this video.

Don't you feel sorry for that little girl that got slammed on. That was a NBA throwdown. The poor girl signed up for some innocent high school basketball and instead got jammed on. OK I'm not really sorry for her anymore.


User said...

"She" is awesome, she has an "adams apple" and talks like a man?? Ewwwwwwww!! Candace has nothing to worry about, Griner will be thought of as a "freak" of nature, not a "real woman". Too bad "she" is awesome to watch!!

wheresubaldo said...

I'm sorry but this girl would jam it right in Candace Parker's face. No disrepect to Candace.

Anonymous said...

Uhh this "girl" probably would Jam it in Lebrons face, but again the jury is out on if this is really a "girl" or a Medical freak of nature. Have you heard "her" talk? Some of high school teamates posted blogs saying they have never seen "her" shower??