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Monday, July 14, 2008

Seattle Mariners are the New York Knicks of the MLB

There are some sad times at Seattle High right now.

Adrian Beltre $13,400,000
Kenji Johjima $6,383,333
Miguel Batista (um, who?) $9,500,000
Jose Vidro $8,500,000
Carlos Silva $8,250,000

These five players combined are getting paid more than the whole roster of the Florida Marlins who, mind you, are currently only a game and a half out of first place.

Beltre for all of that money, is only hitting .259. There are seven players on the Marlins who have a better average than that and combined are getting paid only $8,301,000 this year. Johjima is hitting below the Mendoza line and has only 3 homers. Miguel Batista has a 6.22 ERA. Jose Vidro may be the saddest excuse for a DH in the league. He is hitting .215 with only 5 homers. Finally, Carlos Silva has a 5.46 ERA. Hows that for under performance.

Would anyone like a starting pitcher with a ERA of 6.22. Anybody? Nobody? Why not? Oh don't mind that he is 37. This is kind of like the Knicks trying to get rid of the recently insane(see tatoo) Stephon Marbury. What a mess.
Yeah they were happy about it then.
Oh yeah, they still have to deal with Richie Sexson's mega contract. Next stop for Richie? Getting knocked out in a celebrity boxing match by Jose Canseco.

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