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Monday, July 14, 2008

Best 3 basketball players to never make the NBA

Three sad tales of players who couldn't stay out of trouble. Where would they be if they had, no one knows. But, hey, we can at least rate them.

3. Booger Smith (video has some strong language)

What??????? He didn't get any money from a documentary about himself? That is a travesty. Anyway, if he had made it to the NBA, his moves would have made him one of the best players of the past decade.

2. Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell-he has to be pretty good to be better than Kidd, even better if he can actually shoot.

1. Earl Manigault- his nickname is The Goat (Greatest Of All Time) for a reason. He may be exactly that.

Better than Wilt and Dr. J, now that is saying something. There is not much video of this guy in action, but with Kareem saying that, there is no doubt he is number one on this list. There is no way of ever knowing but if he had played, there would be a challenger to MJ's spot of the greatest ever to play in the NBA.

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